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Top 5 Reasons why open plots in Yadagirigutta are the best

Top 5 Reasons why open plots in Yadagirigutta are the best

Yadagirigutta Plots.

For most of the individuals out there, owning a plot or home is the biggest ambition in their lives. But most people are often confused when they want to make an investment in real estate. It is always choosing between a plot area over an apartment. Investing in a plot area is always a better option because of the resale value it has and owning a plot in Yadagirigutta that has great growth prospects definitely is a good option.

Here are 5 top reasons why open plots in Yadagirigutta are the best.


Although Yadagirigutta is a small town in the Yadadri Bhuvangiri district of Telangana, it has attracted the attention of investors recently. The town famous for the Yadagirigutta Narasimha Temple has millions of people coming to visit the temple. The location is quite an asset with Yadagirigutta located 64 kilometers east of Hyderabad along the Warangal-Hyderabad highway. The development of the place is still in a formative stage, but then there are buyers and investors showing keen interest in investing in the place. With the state government allocating Rs 100 crore for the development of Yadagrigutta, it has become quite popular for investment. And the best part is that it is not hugely populated and is very peaceful. The plots available are not very far from the city.


The plots in Yadadrigutta are being offered at competitive rates. And they also have all the basic amenities and facilities to lead a comfortable life. Majority of the plots in the town are now offered by local developers. Few of the plots are part of gated communities and owning them becomes easier as there are loans easily available from reputed banks.


There has been an increasing number of projects that are coming up in Yadagirigutta, and there will also be a major inflow of people from different places here. As the state government has also invested in this land there are already lots of plots for sale in the town. Those of who have invested in the plots can also yield high returns on the investments in future as there is unprecedented growth predicted.


There is a regional ring road planned that is expected to pass through the Yadagirigutta town. MMTS services are also under pipeline and regular buses are also expected to ply from TSRTC and other conveyance facilities are also planned in the town. When we look at the other social infrastructures there has been lot of improvement after the establishment of the YTDA. Uninterrupted power and water supply is also one of the main advantages of Yadagirigutta


Towns and cities are expanding and people are looking for places that offer not only higher standards of living but also have got serene surroundings and the temple town happens to be the right choice for this factor. It is also getting popular with numerous real estate companies offering plots at competitive rates. Further, there is a scope for development as funds are being allocated for improving rail and road connectivity. Already a popular tourist place, Yadagiri when combined with the ongoing development plans can make a future potential investment hotspot.

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