Is it wise to invest in open plots in Bhongir

If you are keen on investing in a property in surrounding areas of Hyderabad and want to have good returns, it is always better to invest in open plots. And it is best to invest in plots that are approved by Hyderabad Metropolitan Development Authority (HMDA).  The open plots in Bhongir are the best to start with as there are several advantages to it.

Good infrastructure development

The open plots in Bhongir are approved and If you invest in plots that are approved by HDMA, it proves to be quite advantageous.  For such plots, you can be sure that the developer provides all the amenities that are required such as water system, drainage, 24 x7 electricity etc. Areas that are surrounding these plots also come with other basic amenities like, street lighting, well laid roads and also plantation along the roadside. When you opt for open plots near to Bhongir and Yadagirigutta, you can be sure of all the amenities.

Complete involvement of the buyer in the development of plots

The developer of the HDMA approved plots also mortgages 25% of the plot to the HDMA as a guarantee for finishing the development work. It is also compulsory for him to do so by the authority. But he can also sell the remaining area of the plot without completing the work that is required. Once the complete development work is done it gets released by the authority.

No problem with bank finance

If you are planning to invest in open plots in Bhongir, you need not worry about funding. Most of the banks are willing to finance the government approved plots. And the best advantage is that you get good returns on the investment in such plots.

Sustained and healthy appreciation of plots

As the authorities guarantee the developments of the plots, one can be very sure of getting back healthy and sustained appreciation of these plots. But when it comes to the demand for such HMDA approved plots, demand is higher than the supply. Hence, the buyers need to have more finance to buy such plots. Nevertheless, these plots always stand for more significant benefit in the long run as the appreciation of these plots will be considerable.

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