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Is it better to lease a land or Own a Land

Is it better to lease a land or Own a Land

Are you confused about whether to lease a land or own a land?

Both options have several advantages and disadvantages.

With some exceptions, owning a land makes the most sense. And to help you make the best decision we provide the following advantages and disadvantages in this blog.

You become a proud owner

The first and major advantage of owning a land is that you have the pride of ownership.

When you own a land of your own, it provides you the immense pleasure and pride of owning a piece of land that you can call your own.

But, certain circumstances like when you don’t want to own a property for a long time can make leasing much advantageous.

People who plan to spend a limited time at a property will find leasing more appealing. But having said that, in most of the cases, owning is the best way.

There is always an empowerment attached to owning a piece of property than leasing it.

Control over the owned property

Owning a property also provides you more control over the piece of land you own.

When you have a leased land, the use and enjoyment is less.

If you have decided to build a house or do some harvesting or whatever you want you won’t have a say over it.

But when you own a land, the control is more, be it harvesting of land, building your own house, planting trees.

Income, Liquidity & Cash Resources

If a portion of your property is leased, the rental from other tenants can always be used to reinvest, mortgage.

Leasing also requires less cash out of pocket as compared to ownership of land which leaves you with more capital to invest in the core operating business of yours and other expansion opportunities.


If you own a land, you will be able to capture the upside of any value appreciation that happens.

But by leasing there is never an opportunity to realize profits from the appreciation of the property occupied by you. Tenants also would be able to realize a type of equity accumulation through reducing the property’s underlying financing.


When the property is owned for a business purpose, any decision to relocate it for further business process will be more difficult.

The vacant property will be required to be sold. And the process will take months or even several years to accomplish.

But when it comes to leasing a property, its expiration date allows users the specific dates to plan and reevaluate their property needs.

For this matter, leasing is advantageous and provides greater flexibility to the user who wants to expand and also it provides the required mobility if the user wants to relocate.

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